Charles Nii Armah Mensah, I have lots to say about you but words can’t explain it all. Your music journey wasn’t easy but you made it. I am gratified as a follower as well as every other person who believed in you.

For all these years, I have supported you, I have never been apologetic of being a staunch devotee, you made impossible turns possible, the best hope and wish I always wish for you was to see you make it and you made it. The pull me down syndrome by the music gate keepers couldn’t distract you. Today everyone wants to claim portion of your glory as their contribution to your success, lie lie in Kelyn Boy’s voice

Your story is somehow painful, majority looked down on you, they called you names extended it to every follower you had but you took that as a lesson threaded on and gave hope to the youth on the streets. Your life became a book they read, they studied it, meditated on, they focused on and had HOPE that it shall be well with them because it went well for you too.

You became the HOPE to the hopeless, the street where most people think they deserve nothing started looking up to you and got satisfied. Your songs motivate the street because you came purposely for them, the likes of “My Level, Kill Dem With Prayers, Anointing, God Is Alive” are all some of the songs one cannot go a day without it, because it speaks volumes. Shatta Wale the amazing and sweet soul people misunderstood.

The only artist whose come back shook up the dulling industry, set record and breaks it, an eyeopener for his colleagues in the industry. They say he’s controversial, I tell them it’s a strategy, you’ve always been in the news either bad or good.

You’ve been fighting for this industry for far too long, today some people (Artists) are able to charge a whooping amount of money for a show, cos you played that vital role. You fought so well and yet they keep hiding under duvet to see the reality out there.

I know you’re human and erring is part of our imperfection but since they will leave their numerous reeking lifestyle and gravely disparage you, some of us will always take that good side of you and the positive impact  dawn on your music lovers(Shatta Movement) and make it known to the World.

 You are indeed the African Dancehall Ruler, Respek

Thanks be to God because he has been by you from day One to date… Keep Soaring Dancehall Naa.

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