[Must Read] Tacha Turns 24 Today, Read And Learn Something From the Trident’s Queen

Happy birthday, Symply Tacha, the natural butt you, hip-shaking, sparkle queen, you.

Natacha Akidi Abinabo turns a cool 24 today and is surely celebrating in the grandest of fashions.

While she will probably be eating golden macaronis and drinking vats of Champagne with King Ladi and her FanMily the ‘Titans’. Ghtrendinglinks.com is marking the day by celebrating the Titans’ Queen her wondrous moment.

Symply Tacha’s spirit ‘Be You’ is fondly at the look out today, people should take a look back at the celebrity veiling day and celebrate her today, she has come from afar, upon all the ridicule, and the dishonouring, God has lifted her above all things, Happy Birthday Tacha, requesting ‘Melissa’ of Shatta Wale for the queen.

Natacha Ibinabo Akide popularly known as Tacha is a Ghanaian/Nigerian born.

She is a serial entrepreneur, a superstar and social media influencer with her ‘everything Tacha’, products on Instagram, Titans Collection coming up, a brand ambassador for GetFit Nigeria, House of Lunettes, Partnering with almighty Diddy Ciroc,

Tacha gain her popularity after Big Brother Naija disqualified her, her backers called Titans have supported her till now, Jack twitter got to know her through her daily trends on twitter by titans.

Unpresented, a record has been set, Tacha has trended on twitter for past 4months now, massive.

Little you should know about the damsel, who’s being celebrated today…

Tacha is a 24 yr old girl who went into the BBNaija house on the back of much hate. She got into the house and people expected her to live up to certain fantasies they were used to especially sexual ones.

To everyone’s surprise, we saw a different Tacha. A loving, loyal, opinionated woman who won’t take No for an answer. Her drive, passion, hard work for her craft made her connect to the average Nigerian woman who is trying to make way for themselves through the works of their hands.

She used every opportunity to showcase her talent, her creativity, her dedication to work, task and activities. She did all these to the best of her abilities while been loyal, caring, dedicated to the few she could.

She had a tough one in the house, she was bullied mostly by the other housemates who had a clue to her weakness, confrontations wasn’t excluded but all round she was intriguing, she commanded a greater presence even with doing so little.

She was unfairly disqualified after a housemate provoked her to act but she was unstoppable as her loyal fans trended her on twitter for three to four days nonstop. She is Tacha the Icon, World Wide Tacha effect is actually making waves and will take her to places.

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