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MUST READ: “SINCE WHEN IS IT A CRIME TO BE MERCY JOHNSON-OKOJIE’S DAUGHTER?”- Mercy Johnson fires at her first daughter Purity’s bullying teacher.

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Nollywood star Mercy Johnson-Okojie has made a shocking revelation about how a teacher in her first daughter’s school has been bullying her child with abusive words among others.

According to the famous actress, the said teacher emphatically announced her hate for her (Mercy Johnson) without a reason hence, she has been transferring her hate to the young girl during school hours.

It is disturbing how a teacher could harbour such intensity of hate and relay it on an innocent young girl even though this said teacher is not the class teacher of the young girl.

Mercy Johnson made this divulgence information via her social media handles and below is all she said.

“Since when is it a crime to be Mercy Johnson-Okojie’s daughter? Before I consider myself a public figure, I am FIRST a WIFE and a MOTHER to my 4 kids, that is my priority in this life, and nobody can make my child feel less than who she is because her mother is a public figure.”

“You can say anything about me, you can dislike or even hate me, I will not respond, but DO NOT ATTACK KIDS that did nothing to you and cannot defend themselves. The one thing I teach my kids is DISCIPLINE and RESPECT! I insist on POLITENESS AND KINDNESS from them, but I also teach them to SPEAK OUT especially to me WHEN THEY ARE BADLY TREATED!”

“I do not honestly care if someone does not like me, I do not expect everyone to, but to take your hate out on my child? Unacceptable! A teacher at my child’s school has been bullying my daughter constantly for 2 whole weeks. She is not her class teacher, yet she shows up at her class everyday to intimidate her! Uses biros to flick her hair. She tells her to her face that she does not like her mother, tells her that celebrity kids are badly behaved, and she should not bring her ‘aura’, she should stop feeling proud, she should not bring her online drama to school. An 8-year-old! Purity that used to love going to school is terrified of going to her new school because of this teacher. Purity would greet her; she would not respond. Purity would report this to me every day, honestly, I thought she might be worrying too much.”

“Purity loves school was one of the best behaved pupils at her former school Greensprings, anyone should go and confirm. We recently had to change schools because of the distance! Because of this teacher, my daughter is afraid to go to school every day.”

“The last straw was yesterday when I came to pick my daughter at school yesterday, quietly as I usually do, I see my daughter crying and explaining that she was shoved by her classmate and she pushed right back, this teacher proceeds to discipline her and her only”

“Since I was around, I took the opportunity to meet this teacher politely and I could see she has been waiting to tell me how much she hates me. You know what, instead of explaining, she tells me to my face that she does not care and that she will punish her anytime she likes, Can you imagine that?”

“Another teacher came to me later to let me know that everyone knows that the bully teacher had it in for me and that she does not like me at all.”

“We reported this incident to the deputy head teacher as the head teacher was absent, and they promised me they would handle the situation urgently. I am waiting for the outcome of this.”

“As parents, it is the most fearful thing to learn that your child is so UNHAPPY AND WORRIED at school because she is being bullied and being made to feel worthless. The constant culprit here is not a pupil but a teacher! Are you trying to drive the child to depression? LET ME STATE IN CASE I WAS NOT CLEAR, I WILL NOT STANDBY AND ALLOW MY 8-YEAR-OLD CHILD TO BE VICTIMIZED.”

“Make no mistake, my kids have had a lot of amazing teachers and I’m grateful for that. However, there should be no space for a hate filled teacher whose past time is bullying. Do not come near my child!”

This is pure wickedness from this hateful teacher.

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