[Must Read] Becca’s Reaction During 4Syte TV Interview And What She Said About Shatta Wale Will Surprise You

Shatta Wale was amazing on my new song (driving license), he sent to me the next day and i shouted when i received it

Ghanaian female vocalist, singer, wife and a nursing mother Rebecca Acheampong Popularly known as Becca today on 4sytes Tv quantified her enthusiastic after a quick response from the African Dancehall King, Shatta Wale the next day.

The driving licence hit maker wasn’t expecting herself and Shatta Wale collaboration anytime soon, so she got amazed when she (Becca) confronted the African dancehall artist and had a quick response from him.

She continued to say that working with Shatta Wale was a great feeling altogether.  It wasn’t tough shooting the video even though we were all busy but we’ll set a date and made it happened she added.

Becca went ahead to say that indeed Shatta Wale is a great living legend because looking at how and where the song was done and doing now on the market, she is overwhelmed.

The singer also said “driving licence” is just part of her upcoming album which will be released very soon. This day and age, she and her Manager Kiki Banson Popularly known as Kiki Bee are trying hard to get everything done swiftly, fans should just have a little patience for the bangers on the album.

The singer was asked how does she combined both singing and being a wife and nursing mother at the same time? She retorted by saying it’s awesome but very hectic sometimes because managing home as a wife plus being a nursing mother and a musician hasn’t been easy but I love what’s happening around me now, its been great so far, she added.

Becca vehemently praised her husband for been supportive in her music career and  even  does more stuffs just to make sure she gets to the top. I love my husband for his tremendous support as a husband he’s just an amazing one, thank God for giving him to me, she added.

At the moment the music video is trending on YouTube sitting at the 5th position and has hit 260K views.

Ghtrendinglinks will keep an eye on Becca’s album launch and spin an update for our lovely readers.

Eddie Nak, Ghtrendinglinks

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