[Must Read] AMG Criss Kweku Waddle Alias ‘Kwaku Cash’ Is Set To Drop His Maiden Album

Millionaire rapper Criss Waddle stated emphatically yesterday that he’s dropping an album sooner than later to prove to the world of music he’s a household name in music because of his talent not because he’s loaded.

He made his intentions known in reaction to request made by social media commentator, Immanuel Qojo Teye Menxa. The controversial blogger and social media commentator Teye Menxa prompted Criss Waddle on the need to drop an EP or an Album.

Urspeakative as popularly known on social media followed up for a private chat with the artist, to his utmost surprise, the ‘KingKong’ hitmaker Criss Kweku Waddle had already assembled a team of seasoned industry players to make the album a dream reality, just a few hours after reacting to the blogger’s request.

According to UrSpeakative, he wonders how Criss Waddle was able to get all those top-notch cliques   together within such record time. AMG King lovers and cheerers are on standby eagerly awaiting this mega album.

Maame Dede

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