Mercy Eke Wears Erica’s Gloves Throws Heavy Disc At ‘Quickie Sub-Absorbers’

Women empowering fellow women is failing day by day.

Only few women are living up to that expectation. It’s either one hating on another or pulling another down.

The trolls on Erica Nlewedim from other fanbases towards the damsel is revolting.

It takes queens to recognise queens; and to support their fellow, we call that pure heart connection.

Mercy Eke is pissed off as to how quick some housemates could catch a common lyrics caption of Erica’s post as a sub.

Erica posted with a caption I’m the only lady here, still the realest n**ga in the room, a verse from Beyonce’s song.

Some Housemates’ fan-bases have taken her caption as sub insulting Erica for no reason.

Mercy Eke having Erica’s back is ready to go into the mud with Erica’s vilifiers .

She wrote; ‘common lyrics is pressing necks, stay pressed‘ and that has scattered everywhere leaving bleeders injured on social media street.

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