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Friday, October 7, 2022

Mercy Eke Drag Erica’s Elites; Check Out Why

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BBNaija Season 4 winner, Mercy Eke has turned down fans request to draw her.

The fear of Elites drawing challenge of Erica has caused Mercy to decline a request.

Star Girl Erica told her fans, Elites to draw her and the outcome was muddled.

All kinds of sketches including skeletons, it was a very funny thread from the Elite League and hilariously hit twitter mainstream.

Mercy Eke who saw the funnies drawings of Erica by Elites asked her fans not to try jokingly.

This was when a fan, a mercenary asked if they could go ahead and draw her.

She then replied Draw Me? hei God, it’s a no from me with all the drawings I have been seeing around I rather sit this one out.

Elite League buzzed off twitter with their crazy drawings, they mudded Erica yesterday.

Below is her tweet

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