In recent times, Irbard Ibrahim has been posting couple of issues on his wall which seems to be against women liberation. He recently posted on his wall, “Disempowering the man as head of the family is the single biggest threat to African values”, all bounds to Irbard not in agreement with women empowerment.

Irbard Ibrahim as we all know is a security expert who is good at analyzing security issues, someone will ask, why a sudden  change and lambasting feminism (ridiculous feminist law).

Following social media comments, it all pertained to Irbard Ibrahim supporting a certain man who had violently beaten his wife. Irbard Ibrahim recent justification on Domestic Violence on women  hasn’t gone down well with Manasseh Azuri which he took to his wall explaining why he rejected an interview with GTV with Irbard Ibrahim being the host of the program.

He wrote:

I respect GBC because that’s where I cut my teeth in journalism. So when the producer called me for a telephone interview, I obliged. I was very busy, but I could step aside for some minutes. I was to talk on investigative journalism. When the time came and he called, I stepped aside from the noisy environment.

Producer: We are ready. You will be on in thirty seconds.

Me: Who is hosting the show.

Producer: Irbard Ibrahim?

Me: Irbard?

Producer: Yes.

Me: I’m really sorry for this, but I cannot speak with Irbard Ibrahim. The producer pleaded, but I could not hurt myself so much so I apologised and ended the call.

I’m sorry I offended the producer. But this week, I thank God I took that decision.

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