Manasseh Azure Defends Himself An Article He Wrote And Calls Akufo-Addo “Incorruptible”

Manasseh Azure writes: So what at all has Manasseh said that is not true? Which of us here, when put in charge of the money of the state, cannot decide whether they want to use it for infrastructure or they want to use it to pay fees? Paying fees with our money is easy. What is difficult, which a genius of a leader should do, is to show us how to harness our rich natural and human resources, stop the leakage and redistribute wealth so that, in 10 or 20 years, the average Ghanaian will be so prosperous that they can pay their wards’ school fees. If we are going to keep clapping for “leaders” who use the money to build a school or toilet, and not initiate concrete policies that will see us move from our “fourth world” status towards a first world, then we will be stuck in this messy quagmire forever. I feel ashamed whenever I travel to Europe, America or Asia. And our leaders have travelled to more beautiful places and seen better systems than I have.

And those of you (with the same-worded posts, as if that post was generated at a meeting) asking me why John Mahama could not pay fees, please, read the full article below. I answered that question. You may not be happy that I am comparing John Mahama and your “incorruptible” Akufo-Addo in their corruption fight, but that is my view. And I have given you concrete evidence of how the two presidents acted when they were confronted with the same issue. It is one example, but it exposes a deficiency of character and principles.

And I used an example of a rot that has been continuing since President Kufuor’s government. Any Ghanaian president in this generation, who claims to be an anti-corruption crusader but dances and dines with Jospong and his shady contracts is like a man who has “I Love My Wife” sticker on his car but uses that car to pick prostitutes for consumption. The most unconscionable person in Akufo-Addo’s government knows the terrible nature of these contracts and how they are hurting the country. The President knows it. His vice knows it. His ministers know it. And his MMDCEs know how the district assembly system has been crippled financially because on these shady deals. So if Nana Akufo-Addo campaigned against these contracts in opposition and is keeping them when in government, then what we bought at Circle on December 7, 2016, was definitely not a smartphone. It was alata samina.

I don’t hate the president. It’s his presidency I cannot love in its current state. He still has the mandate. He can do better.


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