Low Attendance At The Zero Borla Fashion And Music Fest Headed By Stonebwoy

The Zero Borla Fashion and music festival 2019, organizers mounted a huge stage with multiple of artistes headed by the Bhim Nation president Stonebwoy alongside Jupiter, Efya, Kofi Kinaata and many others was a total flop. Organisers stated 6:00pm as the exact time to start the show but turns out be otherwise, as at 10pm special guest were even no where to be found. From a reliable source, tickets was low patronized.

The organisers complained that Stonebwoy and the other artistes didn’t hype the event especially Stonebwoy being a leading artist on the program, more was expected from him and the rest but it turns out that he did less to advertise the show.

Ghtrendinglinks Researcher, Eddie Nak who was present interviewed couple of attendees and they were all disappointed in how the show went, presumptuously the host acted as if they weren’t informed of what to do on stage. There was many space and empty seat all over but the was also a number of people who troop in there, more than 700 plus were present.

The only interesting part of the show was when the ‘fashionistas’ displayed their enormous talents, that was when the real impact of the #Zero Borla agenda felt at that moment. Afterwards, we spoke with one designer called El Mateo who was part of few that really carries the day with his rubber products used in designing a well dress, trousers which can be sold in the western world.

A show well planned, sponsored and with Bank of Africa being the official sponsores then you could see how its been rated. 4stye tv was the official media partners so you know what we talking about.

Pictures and videos below to know what we saw over there.

Eddie Nak, GhTrendingLinks

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