Look at your wig, mind your business – Moesha epic reply to a fan

Moesha Boduong who posted a picture of her and Kim Kardashian on her instagram wall and captioned it “Twinning with my bestie” got lots of whiplash and depicted harsh words on herself.

Moesha Boduong twinning with her best friend Kim Kardashian

Most of her followers used the opportunity to pound on her for trying to get attention from the world celebrity icon, some too were in support of what she posted.

A loud mouth fan came under actress Moesha Boduong post on Instagram to make fun of her.

She said “Madam stop bleaching is not good for your skin look at your knees something is missing”

“Moesha: mind your business, look at your wig”

Fan: “see something coke and Fanta”

Another fan also said: “Grow some confidence. You don’t need to tag Kim nor refer to her as your bestie when the two of you haven’t even shared a space ever. Let her find your pic and tag you. Looks like you are begging for her recognition, class has more to do with confidence in one’s self than merely owning expensive things”.

Actress, Moesha Boduong
Maame Dede, Writer, ghtrendinglinks

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