Thinking aloud, how wonderful it would have been for Isaac “Royal Storm” Dogboe ‘NEHO’ to have luxuriated of his title for long. It has dispirited his followers heart as at this time but he said after the match a warrior or champion don’t stay down when he falls to encourage himself and his fans.


Now my question is it all bout money the team or the management knows or complacency set in as they always think Dogboe is a machine and can win every bout? For what I know Professional boxers vary in matches per year on many things. First off a boxer who is just turning professional will fight often. They’ll be fighting less rounds and are being taught the professional way of boxing. Many styles, pacing and trying to find themselves. So it’s not unconventional to find new prospects fighting over 6 matches in their first year. Some fight every month in the 4,6 and even 8 round format. As a boxer progress’s he will be entering longer fights. Hopefully he can become the main fight on the card and is going 10 rounds. But in reality professional boxers are to fights at least 1 – 3 bout per year, so my question is what went wrong with the management? Did they really plan all this for the warrior, Dogboe? How many times did Navarette fought before his bout with Isaac “Storm Royal” Dogboe? How can he, ISAAC DOGBOE: say this “we underrated him, I did not have the best of training camps ahead of the fight.”  The rules of success never change, perseverance, hard work, determination, so why do we violate them to experience failure ourselves before we re-learn? Quiet unfortunate, ‘NEHO’ better luck next time.


1. January, 2018.

         Isaac Dogbe knocked-out Cesar Juarez in 5th Round



2.  April, 2018.

        Isaac Dogbe knocked-out Jessie Magdaleno in 11th Round


3.  August, 2018.

          Isaac Dogboe knocked-out Hidenori Otake in 1st Round


4.  December, 2018.

         Emanuel Navarette defeated Isaac Dogboe

With these 3 consecutive sublime bouts and outstanding records attained, he could have taken a laze to get the supreme sturdiness to start a good and new year like how he started early this year. The management; I anticipate they become competent enough to know what has actually happened and work towards it henceforth. Isaac Dogboe ‘NEHO’ is still the champion we know and he will come back strongly. Welldone Isaac Dogboe

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