Let’s Learn To Grow Our Industry And Stop The Hypocrisy Now – Shatta Writes

Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jnr, African Dancehall King, popularly known as Shatta Wale, has expressed missed feeling about the prejudices and the detestation in the music industry and the media in contrast to him and his music career.

A few hours ago, the Dancehall artist took to his facebook page and poured his heart out, he made it known to the world, how unfairly he was criticised by the Media houses, bloggers, individuals, some artistes and out of the brawls he came out as a successful person. He elaborated on how his goods works was side-lined, and negatively condemned him and made other artistes tried to outshine him, which he came out being Shatta Wale with large movement today in Ghana.

Below are his exact words.


Imagine bloggers were writing great articles about my change in this industry today ,like you won’t see Shatta Wale with a certain kind of behavior and I would even reward them always in a nice way but I sang in one of my songs :

“Why should I ever apologize for the monster I have become
No one ever apologized for making me this way “

Today their own so called favorites sarkodie and Stonebwoy are telling them in their face that your blogs are not worth it so they post foreign blogs and also warning them to sue them cuz these same artiste are not pulling the weight they thought they will pull ..Radio station fought radio stations who supported me just show to show they have upper hand with some industry so called gurus..But most of these presenters still cry for fuel,up-keeping ,mobile money etc..But they come and sit on radio and pose as big men ! If they think they know us we also know them very well ..There is a saying in Akan which goes like “wada nensu wu nai gu abontin” YOU SLEEP BUT YOUR LEG DEH OUTSIDE lol ..so everyone has a problem or a fault one way or the other!!!

Imagine you guys wrote the truth about my works,bashed me sometimes which is normal in everyone’s life ..Like I will show great appreciation and gratitude to many of you.It is said “don’t bite the hands that feed you” but I think most of our Gh artiste don’t understand the work ethics and that’s why they fade away easily ..

No one caused this change ,I did …
No one lived a stardom life but I am proving it in their faces today.
All the shows they organized for their favorites were staged to make them big in the eyes of the public but these artiste never saw the future for that.. But I did things on my own and have gotten the largest movement ever !!

No one should take this personal but think ,think very deep and ask yourself how the industry would have been boring with the name Shatta Wale ..

We are trying but we still in the middle of nowhere ..


I have made enough money and I do have an exit plan but will not leave my fans till I see them get where they want to be that’s why I am still doing Music in Ghana !!!

It’s a big shame for Ghana music !!!

Shatta writes ✍✍✍✍✍✍

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