Make Yourself Productive And Stop Tearing Shatta Wale Apart- Jamaincan Producer

Jamaican producer, Kim A Siv Dem has come out to back Shatta Wale for doing afrobeat at the latter part of the year and even started the year with Akwele Take.

The Jamaican producer revealed in his post how Shatta Wale is been detested even when he does nothing wrong.

Shatta Wale doing afrobeat is a problem, him doing dancehall is a problem, him keeping quiet is a problem, she added.

According to Kim A Siv Dem who is also Shatta Wale’s Jamaican producer questioned why people are always eager to judge Shatta Wale knowing very well he’s a versatile artiste who does all round songs.

She then advised people to leave Shatta Wale alone and make themselves productive rather than tearing him apart even when he does something to build himself and his craft.

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