Is Laycon the Machiavellian of Big Brother Naija Season 5?

The question above comes in mind because of how he acted throughout the show and outside the show too.

Lots of Bigbrother Naija fans saw him played his game using Star Girl Erica.

People should remember BBnaija is a game; selfish and cunning housemates will use all means to get to the finals or become a winner.

Others too should understand when some complains that Laycon used Erica; of course he can use her because its a game.

Laycon mistake was not thinking outside the box that there’s a limitation to everything; a life after Big Brother Naija.

Good friends are hardly to come by these days, so, using your good friend’s weaklings in rising to the victory has a price to pay.

The winner of Big Brother Naija Season 5 in an interview said a lot about the Kukus Hair Ambassador.

What caught Ghtrendinglinks attention was an unfortunate statement he made; that ‘Erica Will Grow’.

What will Erica grow of or from? A statement made out of context? Is it business? Life? Her shortfalls? unless he explain further.

His interviewed with Pulse was supposed to be erred long ago, why now?

Adriot Laycon has released a new song and need a buzzing around it.

His PR knowing to well has pressed the buzzing button of Elites and Kiddrica Queen releasing an old interview.

Laycon’s PR surely knows what they are up to. And it crystal clear, a strategy to promote his new released song.

Erica i guess is the plug. The show, highlight and content of Big Brother Naija season 5.

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