A relatively small amount of money could be a “Mega Millions’ but the calibre of the person involved qualifies the statement.

 A 7 Billion Naira Net Worth Company, Multi Choice (GoTV) unveiled Laycon as their brand ambassador.

Looking at Laycon, the winner of BBNaija Season 5 with massive fanbase deserves a mouth watering deals.

According to sources, Laycon recently signed 10 Million Naira Deal by Origin with Neo.

And again, the BBnaija Season 5 winner just signed a new deal worth 12 Million Naira with GoTV.

12 Million Naira is a very big money but not money for a winner of a renowned reality show.

The rush in getting ambassadorial deals could trigger of settling on such deals with big companies like Origin, Mentos, GoTV etc.

Another angle; it could be an opportunity platform to parachute his brand.

Unarguably, multi choice offered him their lucrative platform so, the amount is expecting but with a good management they pluck the mega millions at his production stage knowing the decline stage could be next year or next two years.

Many will disagree with me but the earlier the better as the Awa Fierce hitmaker need a better management to take charge in order to negotiate a scrumptious deals.

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