Laycon And Erica Clashed At Dora’s Party; Laycon Suddenly Turned Into ‘Zombie'[Watch Video]

Icons will ask why Laycon didn’t go with Vee, the situation would have been different.

Erica and Laycon met for the first time at Dorathy’s Birthday after the house.

Everyone who watched the show will be eager to witness these two housemate meet.

Erica and Laycon had a nice friendship ongoing in the house until he got into his feelings of wanting Erica more than a friend.

His bizarre feelings crumpled their friendship.

Today at Dorathy’s Birthday Party saw Erica walked pass Laycon to hug Dorathy greeted everyone, sat by the birthday girl and chitchat.

Laycon looks at Erica was so hilarious, and the is buzzing the street of social media.

Below is the Video

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Watch the moment Erica and LAYCON met At Dora's party

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