Late Sir John’s Relative Begs The Special Task Force Against Galamsey To Leave His Site

The president of Ghana since 2017 have been working tirelessly to end the galamsey menace.

With Peter Amewu as the then sector minister and a special task force, the menace seemed almost ending until the sector minister was changed and the special task force was being attacked by top government officials.

Having secured his second term as president of the republic, H.E. Nana Akuffo Addo has reignited the fight against Galamsey.

The special task force, Operation Vanguard caught some Chinese miners ruthlessly destroying water bodies and a forest reserve in Taborosere.

When arrested, a man in his mid 30, one Alhaji Issah Odartey said they have acquired the place from the Mineral Commission and pay ยข20,000 every month but could not show documents to that effect.

The taskforce then moved to another site. Upon getting there, the one man in charge of the place claimed even though they do not have a document, they have the approval of some powerful people in society.

He then placed a call to one Charles Owusu who claimed he is a relative to the late Sir John who asked the taskforce to leave the site.

In all, 7 Chinese illegal miners were arrested with 10 excavators confiscated.

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