Between 1951 and 1957, JB Danquah and co kicked against Ghana’s independence and even petitioned the British Parliament to grant it with Asante, Northern Territories as separate States. This is captured in Britain’s Parliamentary Hansard.

You know that historically, the Northern Territories and Asante weren’t captured as a part of the Gold Coast.

So while Nkrumah was leading a fight for Independence, bringing the nation together, conducting plebiscite to get Trans Volta Togoland to get on board after his instrumental role in getting the Asantes to participate, his opponents felt they had to divide the nation so they could probably get a part to rule.

Government’s decision to have Republic Day removed as a statutory holiday is an attempt to close the chapter on the 1st Republican Government headed by Nkrumah? What it simply means is that our government of supposedly competent people, fixers of our supposedly twisted history don’t know that there is a big difference between Ghana attaining a Republican status and Nkrumah’s government becoming the first Republican government.

Look, you can campaign for change, spend all your money trying to make change happen, once you decide to join the people in power a week to the elections, you cannot claim any credit as one of the people who helped to get change realised. It’s that simple.

The more we dig the history of Ghana, the more we unravel the scam.

When you read the history of Ghana as captured on Ghanaweb, JB is credited as the founder of UGCC, Grant and co are said to have joined even when it is widely known that it was Paa Grant’s idea to use it as a means to protect his business interest and solely funded it’s activities.

When a fulltime worker was needed to lead the group, JB and co said they could only offer part-time service and that is how come Nkrumah was brought in. He changed a group that featured a few wealthy mean to a nationwide recognised voice for emancipation from colonial rule.

Nkrumah is without a doubt the founder of Ghana and the rest supporting cast, some of whom I think are actually overrated.

When UGCC was formed, the Asante Kingdom was deemed a separate state from the Gold Coast, (I stand to be correct that it was same with the Northern Territories), same us a part of Volta Region. Nkrumah was the one who brought all the pieces together. It is therefore inline to credit him as the Founder of Ghana, not Gold Coast but Ghana.

Truth is, some of the supposed founding fathers are foldly remembered because they were arrested together with Nkrumah (The Big 6). I read a report on BBC about our Independence, apart from Nkrumah, the only person mentioned in the report was KB Asante, Teacher and Diplomat who died recently.

Not that the others did nothing but it supports the claim that the arrest of the big six pushed some key players out of the picture and elevated people who probably had done little

It became about the big six and the rest but even to the British, KB Asante was instrumental.

70 years down the line and we are busily trying to equate some people who were fortunate to have been arrested together with the face of our Independence struggle.

The next joke koraa is that JB Danquah founded University of Ghana (one for another day)

I am a pure Akyem, in fact, growing up, my dad used to tell me JB is my grandfather, he’d point to his statue anytime we went to circle. I grew up with that sense of attachment even though I leant with age that he said so because we are all from the same ethnic group.

In view of this, I have nothing against JB Danquah, I only think that he is being overrated and Nkrumah marginalised so that they can be seen to rob shoulders.

All this twist to history is not done because there is a Paa Grant or an Ako Adjei in it, the face of the twist is JB.

The truth though is, the world would forever deem Ghana as Nkrumah’s Ghana.

Nkrumah never dies, the greatest African.

The irony of all this is that when our President addressed Mandela’s Centenary, he indicated that Robert Sobukwe, a man who was to Mandela what, JB Danquah was to Nkrumah deserved to be forgotten in history and all the praise directed at Mandela. He believes south Africa can have a founder but Ghana can’t.

Someone should tell our President that with all due respect, we voted for him to fix our today and tomorrow and not necessarily to distort our yesterday.

Some of the things being done and championed by this government has brought me to this conclusion: NDC wasn’t as bad as I thought nor the NPP any close to as good as I thought they were. This is not to suggest NDC is bad nor the NPP good, we are stuck to two different evils the same.

A classical case of the devil and the deep blue see.

If they’d keep messing up our country, they should leave our history alone, students have spent sleepless night trying to chew them bababa.

Credit by Isaac Kyei Andoh

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