According to Kofi Asamoah the Amakye and Dede movie Producer in a recording video lamented on a matter of most Ghana girls targeting the “borgers” coming for Christmas this season.  He evidently stated that this fast approaching Christmas is going to bring all those Ghanaian guys in Europe back to Ghana specially the guys in Europe “borgers” and he emphatically said, most of these “borgers” are coming purposely because of our beautiful ladies and most of these ladies too are very much ready for them, and  thinking this “borgers” has money to sponsor and cascade on them, he tailored on some ladies leaving their boyfriends and follow this broke “borgers” called “Abokyire Borgers”. If they don’t know and this “borgers” finish using them and leave, they better leave with them else we will show them “taafia”.


He also said; these same guys when you go to abroad are nothing but panhandlers and broke guys who shares room with 40 white people sharing toilet and bathroom at the same time, some are even staying in villages and when the season like this comes getting ticket is even problem, and after they had struggle to get ticket they come sprouting out their wings like kings, used the ladies for free.

Watch the video below:



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