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Saturday, September 18, 2021

A Simple ‘Sorry’ From Kiddwaya To Elites League Would Have Done The Magic – A Wayademgang

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The consolidated fan base of Elites and Wayaagang is tearing apart over a particular interview by kiddwayaa.

The two fan bases had to unite because probably they thought their two idols could end up as husband and wife.

That remains a dream as things seem very messy at the moment.

In an interview by Kiddwayaa, he claimed he has no lover and he is generally nice to ladies.

The uncalled-for statement has brought lots of trolls at the door step of Erica.

The Elites obviously are very mad at the statement and the shame and trolls it has brought the Star Girl.

The Elites are bent on defending their star and it seems some Wayademgang can’t handle the heat anymore.

So they have taken to explaining why and how the interview was done.

One fan of Kiddwayaa has called on all to disregard the interview.

According to him the interview is very misleading and that Kiddwaya never meant to disrespect Erica or what they both shared.

It is however not clear what he means by ” the interview is misleading “, are those not exactly what kiddwaya said?

Well! A Wayademgang has replied by saying Kiddwayaa would have ended the whole misunderstanding between the fan bases if he didn’t mean to disrespect the Star Girl.

According to the concerned fan, Kiddwayaa’s decision to remain silent after the said interview has brought about the trolls, insults and and disrespect directed at Erica.

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