Some fans keeps assuming they are mothers and fathers to some housemates, dictating for them and acting up.

This people something goes overboard to insult their favs and percept them around in the name of ‘I voted for you’.

Our team, yesterday chanced on a tweet of one Ladi, Wayademgang who called Erica Co-tenant of Kiddwaya.

A very simple explanation to this means, Erica is now forcing herself on Kiddwaya, now staying with Kidd at Eko hotel, where he lives, anytime he visit Lagos.

This not in disguise but openly a disrespect to the sweet couples, who have come to love each other regardless of the negative vibes surrounding them from naysayers.

Kiddwaya who definitely saw how elites were boiling and unsatisfied about the attack from Wayademgang and his cohorts posted an ‘aww moment message’ throwing them under the buss.

Simply put mind your business and stop interfering in our relationship affair; he tweeted

His post was definitely telling him to Support them or stay out of their relationship matters.

Anyone who watched the show, should at this point keep his/her blabbermouth shut.

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