Kiddwaya New Tweets, Sending Signals About Him And Erica [READ MORE]

Kiddwaya has once again sparked dating rumours with Erica after he posted an old video of the two in the kitchen.

Kiddwaya is calling himself the professor because he believed he was lecturing about something that all of the other housemates stood watching.

Unfortunately the sound quality of the video is poor and we can hardly hear the exact things Kiddwaya was saying.

Kiddwaya and Erica could be seen in the video playing with each other in the kitchen whiles the housemates watched on.

Probably Kiddwaya is claiming a professor because of how the rest watched on whiles he was playing with Erica.

“My name is professor Kidd. Please turn your books to page 17” he said with laughing emojis.

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