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Friday, October 7, 2022

Kiddwaya In The News Again after Making A Cryptic Comment About Cuppy’s ‘Nipple’

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The Billionaire’s son, Kiddwaya is in the news for making fun of his bosom friend, Cuppy.

Sometimes not everyone takes what meant to be fun a joke, especially when you are a tipped a public figure.

Kiddwaya after making a vigorous comment about Cuppy piercing nipple, got attacked by twitter tweeps.

Some believes his comment was uncalled for, looking at his cailber.

Others also backlashed him for making public spectacle of his friend, not everything is a joke.

DJ Cuppy asks her fans on twitter the kind of Cuppy they want to see this year.

She then mentioned four types to pick, thin Cuppy, Curvy Cuppy, Fit Cuppy, Chubby Cuppy.

Whiles fans are answering, her friend Kiddwaya popped up with an answer, Nipple Piercing Cuppy.

Was that a decent one to say by Kiddwaya, fans reacts.

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