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Kiddwaya Assures Erica That ‘She’s The Only One’ In A New Post

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In as much as Kiddwaya and Erica have made the public to understand they are not together, Kiddwaya always comes back to expose their secret affairs in a shady way.

He makes it so had for the public to believe they are nothing.

Restless Kiddwaya will always make known his in a relationship with Erica.

It’s clearly showing KIDDWAYA is deeply into Erica and will do anything to keep her.

A Chemical Brother’s post Erica liked reads ‘I personally don’t like the idea of sharing my partner with anyone’.

Meaning Erica is not ready to share her man with anyone, so if you’re his man it should be only her and her alone.

This was a few days ago, after which Kiddwaya counter the post with a question and answers.

He said his billionaire’s friend adviced him to focus on one woman to help him achieve everything: after he consulted him for an advice.

Could this be coincidence or the two are still playing ‘we are single’ card?

Below is the screenshot

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