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Kiddrica Has Been Ordained By God, No Man Can Scatter Them – Queen To Erica

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A netizen with the name Queen has made a powerful prayer for Erica and Kiddwaya.

It also looks like a message to anyone praying for Kiddwaya and Erica relationship to scatter.

Do we even have a Kiddrica ship sailing?

It all started when Erica said Love Is Blind is making her want to marry.

Her ex, Kiddwaya as both of them have made us to believed; also quoted, stating that she should get married already.

His reply escalated, attracting all sort of drags and trolls to Erica.

The actress Erica later made another post addressing her displeasure of the attacks.

She said ‘I just started watching the show and spoilers everywhere, another reason why Instagram is better than Twitter‘.

She then received a reply from one Queen who said Kiddrica is an ordained ship by God, and whatever Almighty God himself has ordained, no spoiler can destroy it. She went onto that what prayers protecting is untouchable.

Her comment has received lot of reaction from Erica’s Elites and Kiddwaya fans.

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