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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Kidd And Erica Are Still Dating, Here Is The Proof [Chart]

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Yes, both two are together and just want their privacy from what has been happening.

After many messy times by Kiddwaya, Kiddrica fanbase accepted the fact that Erica and Kiddwaya are no longer in a relationship.

And suddenly comes another clarification from Kiddwaya, gave their hope slip away.

But we wake up to Erica being bodyguarded by Kiddwaya’s macho yesterday at her unveiling with Swavronski.

Kiddwaya’s personal body guard? Yes. Same bodyguard who was with Kidd at CirocOnRocks party recently.

This has raised many concerns and the Kiddrica fanbase have come to conclusion that they are not going to interfere.

They will rather support them individually, as they go blank on them. And respect their whatever they are having.

Below is the

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