Keche Andrew Performs On The Street Of Germany During His Europe Tour With Golden Legacy Empire CEO

Ghanaian sensational group singers Keche earlier this year released their long-anticipated song titled ‘Odo’ which was dedicated to the CEO of Golden Legacy Empire, Miss Gyan.

The ‘Odo’ song has been making waves across the country, fans involvement in promoting the song to reach more people on social media and across borders has been marvellous so far.

Keche as majority of the people knows them came to limelight with Aluguntugui as the hit song, and many more songs that made the group became one of the united singing group as far as Ghana Music is concerned.

Eddie Nak, researcher for ghtrendinglinks about two weeks ago did a thorough enquiry about the group coming project, information gathered indicate the group is currently at the recording studio with engineer Forgzy Beatz preparing for a new banger.

Yesterday in the afternoon Andrew of Keche group on his social media posted himself jamming to the unreleased danceable song, the danceable tune is to be released shortly and the preparation is ongoing in UK with the CEO of Golden Legacy.

The jamming song is about to drop, follow the Keche group @kecheAndrew, @kecheJoshua on all social media handles.

Below is the video

Eddie Nak, GhTrendinglinks

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