Joyce Dzidzor Mensah as we all knows her as the former HIV/AIDS Ambassodor for Ghana AIDS Commission, in a post and a live video on her social media handle discloses the test of her HIV status to Ghana and the world.

According to Joyce the test was done in Germany in 2015 with the name Mensah, Dzidzor Yawavi and it took one week for the result to be out.

She stated: this is my HIV results,

This result took a week to come out because it is more detailed than the instant test.

This result looks for the HIV virus itself but not just the antibodies.

This is more detailed as it brings the quantity of virus in an infected person.

When I walked into a hospital in Germany, this was what I opted for and when I went back a week later to pick my results the Doctor said to me that I did not have any infection.

She circled the HIV virus _0_0 and said it means no detection, no infection. A German Doctor said my result 0_0 means I had no infection.

She further said if anyone has a doubt/or sees it been complicated, that person should see a professional Doctor on it for clarification.

Joyce has been in the news for the past weeks talking about some big gurus in NDC who have had sexual intercourse with her and rebuffed to be paid. She also revealed how her paymasters used her for all the grimy works and later levelling a false allegation against her and razing madness on her.

Joyce lastly lamented on the stigmatization she has been incrusted for the past years against her and the children, she believes it time to show Ghana and the world the true result of her status, so they stop tantalizing her children.

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