Jamaican Reggae/Dancehall Legend, Sizla Records A Whole Video For Shatta Wale, Hails Him For His Talent – Video

Shatta Wale after a couple of projects with Jamaican top record labels and musicians has become a household name in the Caribbean, especially Jamaica.

Mr. Miguel Orlando Collins better known as Sizla has dropped a video of himself showering praises on Shatta Wale.

In the video the world music icon calls Shatta Wale the leader of Ghana.

He continued to say Ghana is his ancestrial home.

He said these things as he managed to speak few twi words.

The video has caught the attention of the African Dancehall King and he replied accordingly.

Big respect to “@SizzlaKalonji for the shouts, I didn’t know you can speak our language. Ghana loves you same way, bless up” Shatta Wale responded.

Below is the video

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