Jafaru Mohammed popularly known as Addi Self has expressed his disappointment in some Key Members of Nima.

His reason is them not introducing any young artiste to Pop Cann when he visited, Nima, Ghana.

The ex Shatta movement militant in a post expressed his displeasure on why the people of Nima toured with PopCaan in Nima but refused to introduce any young artiste from Nima to the Jamaican superstar.

According to Addi Self, introducing the upcoming artistes in Nima to Pop Cann during his tour in the area would have been reasonable.

It would have boosted the moral of those artistes and elevated their willpower.

He also talked on the fact that, when young artistes gets recognized by superstars like PopCan, it helps them to learn how to survive in the music scene.

The Jamaican Superstar presence was felt and introducing Nima artistes to during his tour in Nima would have been a plus, he added.

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