It Is Disrespectful For Our Artists To Be Taken To Abroad To Perform For $500 And $1000 – Disgusted Y Pee Says

Mr Andy Agyemang, Y Pee has hit at those musicians who accept chicken change to travel to perform.

According to the rapper, most of these artists travel far from Ghana to Europe and America to perform only to be given $1000 or less.

To him, this act of his colleagues have brought nothing but disgrace.

It Has really brought shame to their field of endeavour.

He claimed that a lot of celebrities have been living on fake hype .

They dress and look gorgeous in public but are seriously struggling to please the public.

He said this is the reason why he doesn’t go around chasing stations or bloggers for hype.

The “Azaa” hitmaker believes he is focused on leaving a legacy and that way the good things will come along

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