At Parliament yesterday, Hon. Okudjeto raised important issues regarding budget from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in relation to an Embassy Office to be procured in Oslo, Norway.

Given the heat of the debate, the Speaker decided to give the house few minutes break to calm nerves and revert with cooler heads at both sides.


During the break, Hon. Aryorkor Botchwey confronted Okudjeto about the issue and registered her displeasure with the MPs disclosure of the matter on the floor when it was still being worked on at the ministries and for not at least consulting her. She also tried to explain certain things to him.


Give it was just the end of a heated debate, tempers were still high but everything was out of control. Hon Ablakwa did well by toning down, he didn’t try to outdo the ministers who was somewhat a bit emotional.

In the middle of the argument/explanation, Ayorkor Botchwey saw MP for Ningo Prampram filming the incident and confronted him.

Seriously, I was disappointed that a whole MP would stoop so low, pick up a phone to record an argument between two colleagues. It is highly pedestrian and unparliamentary. I spent a lot of time in Parliament last year and saw the conduct of this particular MP, I follow him here on FB, I know how low he can go and so of the 275 MPs, it was sure to have come from him. But even that was low.

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