Many will rubbish this result but don’t forget social media played a very pivotal role towards Nana Addo’s Ascension to the highest seat of the land, so every well-meaning member of NPP should be intensely distressed over the outcome of this poll!

A social Media Communicator, Bigscout Nana Prempeh, a diehard enthusiast of New Patriotic Party with over 200k followers on Facebook created a 2020 voting poll for Nana Akuffo Addo and John Dramani Mahama. Over 20,000 (20k) people voted, Nana Addo had 44% and John Mahama also had 56%, making JM the winner.

I know they will use propaganda to shoot this down but the then JMLed administration equally ignored these signs and they lived to regret.

The people are talking and this administration must listen with rapt attention if election 2020 is anything to go by.

Indeed 2020 elections are something to go by, the question is what is the party leadership doing to turn things around to regain the confidence of social media? The very people who spearheaded the social media campaigns and projected the party manifesto?

Power is tricky and our leaders must be cautious enough, how they treat the elements that form the foundation of their government.

Immanuel Kojo Teye Menxa

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