Is It That We Don’t Have Capable Leaders In Ghana Anymore, Mahama Is Not An Option – Prince David Osei

The sensational Ghanaian actor, David Osei seems a bit worried about the leadership and governance style of ruling in Ghana.

The actor in his post on Instagram raised a metaphor concerns about the NDC presidential candidate John Dramani Mahama then a former president of the Republic of Ghana, his ambition of contesting again for the presidency in 2020, which seems to him unreason act by all standard.

Increasingly the actor and a group of Ghanaians are being confused by events in the country regarding the issue of ex-Presidents running for office after losing to the current president in power Nana Akufo Addo. Ghanaians have seen his works and what he’s capable of already, so to him Prince the ex-president  should step aside for a new person to take over.

The actor’s post might remind most Ghanaians of the hardship they went through during the era of the NDC talisman, former president John Dramani Mahama. The dumsor that brought about many businesses collapsed under his watch, the high tariffs and the rest we might have forgotten.

David Osei is telling Ghanaians to bring to the table a vibrant capable man, a new mind and a new person, if they think Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo is not performing to their satisfaction. Our people, especially the youths are scared to voice out and make their submissions on issues pertaining the development of the nation and the wrongs of the leaders in the country.

Prince David Osei stated clearly that the presidency can not be run like class prefect doodad, whereby you contest and win today, loose it tomorrow and contest it again.

The Ghana’s 1992 Constitution is a hybrid of the US Presidential system and Britain’s Parliamentary system of government, incorporating ideas from each. A unique problem that hampers Ghana’s young democracy is the lack of meaningful constitutional checks-and-balances. It’s against this background that we need to clarify the issue of ex-presidents running for office in Ghana. This issue is a critical one, with the potential to derail our young democracy if not addressed with care.

Maame Dede, GhTrendingLinks

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