Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng, better known as Funny Face has had a very controversial year.

He has been in the news for marital issues.

Had complaints about how his wife treated him.

He’s had issues with Kwadwo Mkansah and his friend Bismark the Joke.

These, many have contributed to depression. Lots of his fans have advised him to get help .

In a post chanced on by our team, the Children’s president wrote ‘Where my strength couldn’t take me, May the Lord take you there’.

This written looks suicidal. The better option now is to get himself a therapist.

In another video; it seems to be like weird lubby, the Kasoa Van Damme had his child in front of him. He was singing some really strange songs with disjointed lyrics.

The only thing we can pick from this is that he showed his bandaged leg and said in Twi ” yeah, it’s my leg, and I have a cut”

We hope this is not an attempt to commit suicide.

Opetey 1 should get the necessary help as soon as possible.

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