Many men are unwilling to support that wives or girlfriend to become better because they think they would dump them at end of the day.

Proponents of such thought will hardly invest in their wives or girlfriends for the fear of being dumped at the end of the day.

Moreover, many men enjoy subjecting women to their authority.

So the more dependent she is on them the happpier they are.

A Shatta Movement fan and a Businessman, Mr. Patrick Mensah Nartey holds a different view.

According to the young entrepreneur, many ladies areunemployed and unable to secure jobs because of lack of education and lack of ‘connections’.

He went on further to say that women are naturally born with entrepreneurial and managerial skills.

And that they only need a little push.

The CEO of PMN business advised fellow men to stop buying expensive gifts and invest in their women.

“…invest in your woman and drop the Benz, invest in your woman and drop the expensive apartment to rent, invest in your woman and top clubbing every weekend, invest in your woman and not in your fake friends…” He said on his Facebook page.

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