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Monday, September 20, 2021

International Recognition: Her Style Is Peculiar And Classy – Cardi B Stands With Erica Amidst Trolls

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A troll got served by Cardi B with the reason of mocking at Erica’s style.

Dynasty with the intentions of dragging Erica’s odd fashioned style gone wrong.

Classy Erica, set twitter ablaze with her oldie, weird style and fierce looks.

Her vintage wears, avant garde forward pieces caught Cardi B’s attention as one troll tweeted Erica’s picture and captioned……..

Surprisingly, the Grammy award winner from no where replied him saying I like it tho. Its different and Classy, Mines is different and edgy.

Meaning Erica’s own is peculiar and chic, posh whiles hers is peculiar and touchy, what a complement!

Her reply diffused all quarters, savouring Erica from trolls.

The kuku’s Hair Ambassador fashion is an art, a far out fashionistas /designers think and create out of the box/norm.

There’s nothing wrong with the attire and the shoe. The shoe is to complement the dress. It looks oldie which is the concept.

Her pose interestingly fits the looks it’s passe, freakish and just weird in a cute way.

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