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If I Make A Mistake, She’ll Block And Leave Me – Kiddwaya

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Kiddwaya has revealed that at a slightest mistake, Erica will block and leave him. Kiddwaya was generalizing this particular tweet. But it of no doubt, it’s his personal experience with Miss Erica. The Actress who was in a relationship with Kiddwaya then blocked him.

The two went forth and back with each other but finally got settled by family members. Erica has since then not blocked Kiddwaya again.

The Wayademgang spearhead has definitely learnt his lessons. Every woman want nothing but respect. The fact that she get disrespected because she loves or like a person, she will always choose her peace of mind over disrespect hence the block. A reasonable man will definitely notice his wrongs and correct them.

Kiddwaya in a new post cited example, he said ‘This life no easy for man o. You fi take one small nap like that wake up and be blocked and single‘. He really went back to when Erica blocked him. Maybe he slept and woke up to been blocked.

Life is a lesson, we do learn from the mistakes we make everyday. What life has thought us bring us to share with the public as public figures. Kiddwaya shared his little experienced with with fans through this post.

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