”I woke up with blood stains all over my pant” Lady accuses female singer,King Nina of sexually molesting her.

Upcoming singer, King Nina, has reacted to sexual abuse allegation leveled against her by an explicitwoman.

A lady with the handle @gold.spicy on immune gamma globulin, shared videos on her page during which she claimed the singer sexually assaulted her somedaypastconsistent with the disputant, she met King Nina at the aerodrome and visited her for footageonce they left the aerodromeNina allegedly asked her to follow her to a number of her engagements. She claimed she visited Nina’s house and slept over and wakenedto seek out blood stains everywhere her as she was a virgin before she met the singer. The Instagram user expressed that she was defeated that she lost her status to a fellow ladyrather thana person.

King Nina has currently reacted to the allegation, denying it. during a video she denoteon-lineNinaaforesaid she met her disputant at the aerodromeand she or he asked for an image and her telephone numberthat she duty-boundhowever regrets doing currently as her disputant bombarded her with calls till she got tired and warned her to preventconsistent withNina, her disputant felt slighted and vulnerable to implicate her if she ever blocks her.

Nina shared screenshoot of an instantaneous message her disputant sent to her.

See videos they each shared on-line below

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