[Pictures] I Will Never Forget My Best Friend Harriet, She Helped Me During My School Days – Akuapim Poloo Shows Thankfulness To Her Best friend

Akuapim Poloo remembers her friend who helped her during school days.

According to Rosemond Brown popularly known as Akuapim Poloo  her friend Harriet Ampate Agyiakoa helped her during her secondary school time, Harriet her best friend comes from rich home which became an advantage on her behalf.

Akuapim Poloo attended Adonten Senior High School, shares pictures. It’s good to remember those who helped you when you were in need, raised you up, when you were down.

She wrote; My best friend in school shs I will never forget you Harriet Ampate Agyiakoa she really helped me in school because her parents were rich

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