I Will Kill Shatta Wale Lyrically With A Diss Song, Cooking Something In The Studio Now – Buffalo Soulja

The Zimbabwean South African based dancehall artist Buffalo Soulja on Showbiz Agenda with Sammy Flex on Zylophone FM made a vibrant and aggressive statement concerning his tweets about Shatta Wale not being the African Dancehall King. Buffalo Soulja believes to be the all-time African Dancehall King.

The Zimbabwean dancehall artist stated that he had won several awards on the African continent especially with Channel O music Awards which was organized in 2008 and other international awards.  

 The dancehall artist, Buffalo Solja narrated how some youths across Africa especially in South Africa, Namibia, Gambia, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda Tanzania and even his own country Zimbabwe started tagging him to Shatta Wale being the African Dancehall King, he was like “Yuh” am the only African Dancehall King and nobody else.

 On Showbiz Agenda yesterday with Sammy Flex, he made known to the listeners that even though  Shatta Wale is a big artist in Ghana and West Africa, he should remember that Ghana is not Africa and when we talk of Africa it’s all about South Africa, because if the Westerners come to Africa they all come to South Africa due to the whites.

I, Buffalo Soulja in the other hand have crossed boundaries so everyone knows about me, therefore Shatta Wale and his fans should padlocked up and  watch out what’s coming soon. He also added that   it’s all lyrical war and a very restricted one, only English and Patuah is allowed at this point.

Ghtrendinglinks Researcher, Eddie Nak  did a cross-check on the issue and also found out that Buffalo was once a well-known dancehall artist in  Southern part of Africa  but almost 5-6yrs it’s has been Shatta Wale who has dominating the dancehall music and still holding on to the mantel as African Dancehall King.  Buffalo Soulja claiming to be African Dancehall King is groundless.

Being recognised some years back doesn’t automatically makes you King. Checking Buffalo’s followers on social media across the world, Shatta Wale is more popular and pertinent than him.

Ghana is waiting patiently for Shatta Wale’s response as he’s best known as a beef eater. Ghtrendinglinks will feed our readers with the outcome.

Eddie Nak, Researcher, GhTrendingLinks

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