I Still Love Erica But We Now Keep It On The Low – Kiddwaya Finally Speaks About The Interview(Details)

Kiddwaya Terseer, per what they have made the public to understand, are not the best of friends right now especially after a particular interview granted by Kiddwaya brought Erica into drags.

Kiddwaya Terseer having swallowed the poisonous venoms of the BBNaija fans have been trying to explain why he had to put Erica into the drags.

Kiddwaya in the said Interview said he doesn’t have any romantic relationship with anybody and that he is generally good to all girls.

From the interview, Erica therefore is not any special person to him.

The statement generated a lot of trolls directed at the Star Girl and the Elites wouldn’t be in a hurry to forget that.

Being encouraged by the Elites, Erica ever since has decided to cut him off; she makes sure Kiddwaya is not mentioned in her conversations, especially during interviews.

The son of the Nigerian controversial billionaire has been trying to explain his actions and thankfully an opportunity came his way.

Kiddwaya who asked his followers on Instagram to ask him any questions finally got the opportunity to explain him.

He has been doing this for weeks now. He takes turns to answer every question.

One question and Kiddwaya’s reply however are turning heads.

The fan asked ” Can you explain what you mean in your punch Interview about not having a love live??

Kiddwaya who saw this as an opportunity explained that he and Erica were in relationship but he denied her publicly to keep their relationship private.

From his reply below, he is still madly in love and still wants Erica or probably they are still going out but have decided to keep it private.

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