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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

I Owe My Brand To Kiddrica Family – Kiddwaya Recognizes Erica’s Role In His Career

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Things are seemingly back to normal after Kiddwaya made a post to thank Kiddricans.

Rescent happenings from the camps of Erica and Kiddwaya seem to suggest that things are getting back to normal; Kiddwaya and Erica are cool with each other, especially after Kiddwaya acknowledged the Kiddricans.

Kiddwaya Terseer having recognized the role of Kiddricans took to Twitter and acknowledged their efforts in building his brand.

The Kiddrican fanbase is a federated fanbases of Kiddwaya (Wayademgang) and Erica( Elites) that have come together to push the two stars.

One other thing that should be noted from this tweet is that Kiddwaya is indirectly grateful to Erica for her roles in his career.

According to Kiddwaya, the fanbase has been relentless in Supporting him thus he owes his brand to them.

He posted ” Kiddrica family. You guys have been relentless in your support of me. My brand is your brand. We will always be a family.”

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