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 I don’t want to feel disappointed, after that good feeling you will win this category with hopes high, when asked by Deejay Adviser on Happy FM which category he personally wish to win and probably knows he will surely win? He lamented on how sensational it is like when you incontestably know you will win an award and it never happened, the wounded moment.

According to Adepena hitmaker KIDI, he’s just making his music and not focusing that copious on a requisite win award. KIDI said everyone has worked so hard to get an award and he cannot pinpoint anyone for the award. If the board of VGMA and the people thinks he deserved an award; so be it. By way of his team and himself, they know, they’ve worked enough to win the Hi-Life Artist of the Year he frazzled on.  

He made this adage “Life is not a race” and he’s not in a rash or competition with anyone he retorted, when the Music Promoter, Deejay Adviser asks, you started before Kwame Eugene and in all indication he’s way far ahead of you? KIDI answered back, everyone is working vigorously firm on their project and that seems not as antagonism as people presume.

KIDI said his preeminent yet to originated. It is just the beginning of his musical career and his fans ought to anticipate nothing but his best.

By: Adjoa Penny

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