I don’t have time for Dating and having SEX – eShun

eShun the “Fa me kor” hitmaker in a tweet writes “I don’t have time for dating and having sex! I’ve my ‘SeVen’ album to release this year and the world is waiting for a Global Record to put Ghana on the Music Map Again & that needs my complete attention. I’m fully committed to dating Music Only this year and the next.

eShun is a talented and beautiful singer and songwriter with a gift of connecting with a wide range of listeners, showing how staid her album “Seven” means to her, made this post on twitter. My debut album, seven, is a collection of different Genre of Songs that will give you a perfect start. A start to becoming everything you want, Seven Is Perfect, She wrote on her wall.

Little you should be acquainted with, about eShun:

She was born in the leading industrial metropolis of Ghana, Tema on the 7th of June –  She is the first child of her dad, Joseph Bosomtwi Eshun, in a family of six. At the age of 13, eShun in full swing performed as a soloist in the Junior Gospel Choir at the Holy Fire Revival Church in Tema, Ghana, where it could be said eShun’s music talent was discovered.  Her involvement in two musical reality shows in the most populous country in Africa, Nigeria, has given her quite a following in Africa.

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