An irritated Elite has cursed the day Erica said hi to Laycon in the Big Brother Naija Season 5 house.

It likely an Elite called ‘Bolanle’ is sedately not happy at the daily abhorrence and drags at Erica from icons.

She’s obviously unhappy about how they drag Erica for petty reasons and bizzare accusations at the slightest opportunity.

Erica yesterday was accused of wanting to kill Laycon for a harmless statement made by her mother to Slim Case.

From the beginning of the show nobody rated Laycon the winner of Big brother Naija lockdown except Erica Nlewedim.

She approached Laycon mentioned his name and introduced herself to him, they became friends afterwards until Laycon wadded in with his so called feelings.

Erica thought she has gotten a friend but the end part turned sour as Laycon turned everyone including the viewers against her, she was the only person who genuinely liked Laycon as a brother.

Under the tweet chanced by our team, is clearly showing the regret of Elites on behalf of Erica.

She heatedly tweeted ‘Again……………………

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