Hon. Kennedy Agyapong has explained Why he was sitting aloof when the NPP MPs Were being beaten by the opposition.

The Assin Central Member of Parliament was seen making peace between the fighting MPs and some other times just completely sitting unconcerned.

As somebody who entertains the public with warnings and threats, one would have thought that he would champion the counterattack on the NDC MPs elect.

With his usual mantra ” I will deal with you”, it was to the public’ dismay when he chose to make peace and at times sit aloof.

The public, especially on social media has been asking why he had to let his party down.

To clarify things, Hon. kennedy Agyapong has come out saying that they(NPP) could have dealt with NDC easily but had to let it go considering the Supreme interest of getting the president sworn in.

Accordingly to him, if they had decided to face the NDC MPs elect it would have delayed and dragged the inauguration of the 8th Parliament of the 4th republic and consequently affected the swearing-in of the president elect.

He thus decided to let the NDC have their way.

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