I Can’t Do This Anymore, Take this Load From Me __Ghana’s Frustated Special Prosecutor Gives Up On Fighting Corruption

Mr. Martin Amidu has tendered his letter of resignation to the presidency.

The former Attorney General cited several reasons for his actions.

Few of the lots are, first, there is lack of independence in doing his job.

According to the astute lawyer, the president has failed to fulfil his promise of allowing him operate without any political interference.

This, he mentioned has affected his operation.

He could not undertake certain investigations for their subsequent prosecutions.

The Citizen Vigilante claimed this became glaring in his attempt to expose the rot in the Agyapa Scandal.

He described the situation a “traumatic experience” he has had since releasing his ‘Corruption Risk Assessment’ on Agyapa Royalties Limited Transactions.

In the letter to the presidency, he also cited lack of rewards.

He claimed he and his deputy have not been paid since their appointment.

He however, mentioned that it has not been his worries since those emoluments have not been his motivation into becoming the Special Prosecutor.

He takes joy in fighting corruption.

Civil society says his resignation is a set back in the fight againt corruption.

Has he done enough to fight corruption since his appointment?

Share your thoughts with us in the comment sessioon.

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