I Am Working Assiduously With Some Parliamentarians To Ban Sports Betting – Alhaji Irbad Ibrahim

Ban sports betting to save Ghana’s youth from early heart attacks! We are working assiduously with some parliamentarians to see how sports betting can be banned so that betting companies don’t play ‘Chaskele’ with the hearts of Ghana’s youth! Alhaji Irbad Ibrahim Writes.

Self-acclaimed Security expert Alhaji Irbard Ibrahim has cautioned the youth against Sports Betting on severally occasion, going ahead campaigning against it.

According to Ibard, Sports betting centers are up to no good considering how wild they are disseminating across the country, the betting companies will only create generation after generation of unskilled and uneducated youth who will become a liability on the State.

Life isn’t a game of chance. Don’t gamble away your life through sports betting. The state should shut down all sports betting centers and give hope to our youth through education and outreach.

In view of that, he has come out to be working together with some parliamentarians to ban sports betting totally in the country.

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